1. The rider needs to be above 18 yrs. of age or older with valid Driving License to rent a vehicle with Myryds. Else, his or her booking will be forfeited without any refund.
  2. All original ID and address proof documents mentioned in the Booking Form need to be carried for verification verified in original, for each rider at the time of delivery of vehicle.
  3. Driving License
  4. Passport, Voter card, Aadhar card.
  5. Vehicle bookings confirmation is subject to availability. Myryds reserves the right to cancel any booking if deemed necessary.
  6. As a responsible citizen or tourist, Rider should respect and follow Traffic rules and regulations. All Challans issued due to Driving under the rider negligence need to be paid in full to the penalizing authority.
  7. Driving under the influence of Alcohol/Drugs/is strictly prohibited. Myryds will not responsible to compensate for ant mishaps and their consequences in such cases. The customer will be liable to pay for all damages to the third party and vendor for the same.
  8. Customer has to drop the bike at the same location from where it was picked up. No request will be accommodated for a change in a drop location.
  9. In case a customer feels that they will be delayed for the drop, they should call the field executive por customer care and ask for a trip extension. Extensions are subject to availability.
  10. The Pick-up date, time and location cannot be changed once a booking is confirmed.


  1. The Rider is completely responsible for everything that happens to or through the vehicle. Whether it is Traffic Rule offence penalty. Accident, Hit & Run. Damage to vehicle or Third-Party material or nay life eventuality etc.
  2. The booking is non-transferable. Rider shall not be authorized to lend the vehicle to any other member or person without first informing MyRyds Customer Care.
  3. The vehicle shall be returned on completion of booking period at the specified Date and Time as mentioned in the booking Form/Website/App. Beyond the booking duration, any delay of more than 20 minutes without intimating the customer care or field executive will attract penalty as per vendor term and conditions.
  1. A trip extension is possible for applicable booking only. The request for Extension needs to be at least 25% balance time in advance before the drop-off time. Extension requests shall be made to the myryds costumer care, mobile app or field executive over the phone. The request will be confirmed subject to the availability. In case the extension is not permitted, the rider has to return the bike as planned end time of the booking. In case its delayed, the rider will be liable for illegal possession of the vehicle and due penalty and legal action may be applicable. Charges for Trip extension shall be payable in advance for valid extension. The Standard rates shall be applicable  for extensions.
  1. In case of any damage to the vehicle or Accessories due to accident/mishandling/carelessness, appropriate charges will be calculated by the vendor and the customer is liable to pay the same to the vendor along with the daily tariff until the bike is ready for renting again.
  2. In case of theft, the customer is liable to pay, in full, the IDV or the market rate whichever is higher of the vehicle.
  3. During the trip, in case of engine fault or failure, the rider should inform the Field Executive before getting any repairs done. The original printed invoice is mandatory to claim reimbursement for the same.
  4. Security money will be refunded in minimum 5 days, after reviewing any damage or traffic penalties.


  1. 0-24 Hours before start of the trip- The entire amount paid by customer will be charged as cancellation fee. There will be NO REFUND made for such cancellations.
  2. More than 24 hours before start of the trip-20% of the amount paid by the customer will be reduced as cancellation fee and the remaining 80% of the amount will be refunded. The refunded amount will reflect in costumer’s bank account within 7-10 business days.
  3. If the booking is cancelled by Myryds due to non-availability, a full refund will be initiated. The refunded amount will reflect in the customer’s bank account within 7-*10 business days.
  4. Myryds has complete authority to cancel the booking without prior notice.
  5. No refund/reimbursement/cancellations claim will be considered after the strt of the trip time.

I have read Term & Conditions and completely understood before taking delivery of the vehicle on trent. I aware that I need to submit verified copies of all necessary ID & address proof documents.