Smart Riders are Safe Riders

Whatever you do, to do it up to the mark takes efforts & full attention on your part. And if you are on the roads then the levels of attention demanded is high.
Motorcyclist are among the most vulnerable road users. When you are a rider your responsibilities also rise. Evel Knievel, an American stunt performer and entertainer once said,” Riding a motorcycle on today’s highways, you have to ride in a very defensive manner. You have to be a good rider and you have to have both hands and both feet on the controls at all times.” While riding bike, road safety is of utmost importance.
The key is to Be vigilant, follow traffic rules, take things easy & just enjoy your ride! Here are few tips from us which may help you in keeping yourself safe on road.

Wear protective gear-

•Make sure you always wear your helmet.

•Wear proper clothing, including & preferably proper fully closed shoes.

•Wear proper protecting gloves. Bike maintenance Make sure your motorbike is fit for the road and won’t let you down. Keep your bike clean and carry out simple, regular maintenance checks – spotting a problem with a tyre or brake pad could save your life. Make sure your bike is properly licensed and registered. Lights and indicators must work 100%, since motorcycles are less visible than cars. Well if you are riding with myryds then leave this part on us. Speed When you go faster , you have less time to react to and avoid any hazards or people. Remember that motorbikes don’t have airbags or side-impact bars, so if you collide you will be at higher risk of getting hurt badly. By staying well within speed limits, and slowing down at riskier stretches will give you a lot more time to react.

Defensive riding-

•make yourself visible

•position yourself on the safest part of the road (this will vary depending on the circumstances)

•check mirrors and other views frequently

•take a ‘shoulder check’ glance behind you before carrying out any action or change in ride. •stay alert to everything that is going on around you

•stay vigilant for clues as to what other road users might do next, but never presume that they will do what they should do. Many a times one pays for other’s fault so key is to be vigilant. •Don’t drive on walkways

•At red lights don’t cross the Zebra line. Remember they are for pedestrians to use.

•Don’t take shortcuts you are not sure of.

•Leave enough space to other vehicles on the road •Make sure your pillion rider is properly seated and has worn helmet. We are sure that you are a very smart rider and thus a safe rider! Have a joyful ride with Myryds!

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